>< Dress from The Impeccable Pig >< Loeffler Randall Clutch >< Franco Sarto Sandals >< LC Lauren Conrad Sunnies >< Large Shark Tooth Studs from 9th & Elm ><


9th & Elm






>< Oceanside Graphic Crop Top from 9th & Elm c/o >< Andrea Jovine Pencil Skirt >< Sam & Libby Flats >< Large Shark Teeth Studs from 9th & Elm c/o >< Saks Fifth Avenue Clutch ><

I love a crop top just like any other girl, but sometimes it can be challenging to style in a new and refreshing way.  I’ve toyed around with different ways to wear a crop top and I’ve come to discover that I love layering them over skirts or dresses to throw a fashion curveball.  Here, I mixed a laid-back crop top with a pencil skirt – a combination that you can easily work into your daily life or try for a night out on the town with your friends!  Layering is also a great way to get past body insecurities and finally don that super cute crop top you’ve been thinking so much about.  You CAN wear it – where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I absolutely love mixing seemingly opposite pieces to create a new look, and sometimes it can be difficult to find unique items that are truly special.  Enter 9th & Elm - an online mecca for all things independently made!  They offer thousands of handmade and/or independent designs from dozens of different independent designers all in one place, which helps cut down the time spent searching for the perfect necklace so that you can catch up on those Bachelorette episodes you TiVo’ed forever ago!

As soon as I saw this crop top and the shark tooth studs on their website, I knew it was meant to be.  The top is super comfortable and whenever I see it I can’t help but reminisce; I’m totally a Florida girl at heart.  Also, talk about versatility- I have literally worn these earrings every day since I got them in the mail! Obsessed!!!  Seriously, pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back, relax, and check out 9th & Elm – it’s just that good.







DSC_0015>< Old Navy Vest (snagged it on super sale!) >< Topshop Tank >< Forever 21 Skort >< Vera Bradley Clutch >< Nixon Watch >< Sam & Libby Flats ><

This Sunday I decided to ditch my usual shorts and don my favorite, and only, skort.  I could never fully abandon shorts in the summertime, and I’ve found that skorts and rompers are perfect for switching up summertime looks! Honestly, I know know they’re all truly shorts, but at least it doesn’t look like I’m wearing shorts every day.  I have to say that I’m fundamentally opposed to wearing pants in summertime heat – maybe that’s just the Miami girl in me  :)








>< Tribal Crop Top from The Impeccable Pig >< J Crew Cutoff Shorts >< American Eagle Sandals >< Coach Crossbody ><

Today I’m mixing it up 70s style.  Nothing says summer quite like a throwback to the 70s, and I decided to channel my recent viewing of Lords of Dogtown into a retro meets modern look.  There’s nothing like mixing braids, bright tribal patterns, and cutoffs to say “welcome to 1975″.


Black and Tan




>< Black Chiffon Target Top >< Abercrombie & Fitch Shorts >< Franco Sarto Sandals via TJ Maxx >< Bauble Bar Trillion Necklace (not available anymore, but this is a great option!) >< Louis Vuitton Handbag ><  Pura Vida Bracelets ><

I’m trying my hand at another black clothing option during the summer!  Here I’m wearing a black chiffon top, so it breathes beautifully in the humid Raleigh climate.  I have been spending a TON of time in the sun lately – I took a surf trip last week AND I’m taking one tomorrow – and a summertime tan is perfect with black.  Honestly, I think I feel tanner while wearing black than when I wear lighter clothing!

Ocean Pano

Here’s a little piece of summery inspiration for you guys – go hit the beach!


Summer in the City






>< Chiffon Shift Dress from Target >< Calypso St. Barth for Target Necklace (super old, but loving this and this from Anthropologie) >< Franco Sarto Sandals via TJ Maxx ><  Cole Haan sunnies ><

Black is the ultimate city girl color: it’s versatile, classic, and goes with everything, but when summertime rolls around, the boiling temperatures can tempt you to completely avoid the color.  But guess what, you can easily wear black during the summer and it all boils down to one rule: mind your fabrics.  By this, I mean make sure the black pieces you buy for summertime wear are light enough to breathe and let the breeze in.  The best summertime fabrics are chiffon, linen, cotton, other natural fabrics, and loose woven textiles.  If you stick to these fabrics, you’re golden!

This rule made this outfit super comfortable for romping around North Hills in Raleigh (did anyone else check out the Boho Beads trunk show at Monkee’s today?).  Even though my top was technically a tunic (with rather large slits in the side), I layered it over a pair of breathable shorts and didn’t even break a sweat!

What styling tricks do you guys have to stay cool during the summer?


Summery Inspiration

When I first started Sugar & Shine I clung to the fact that it was strictly a fashion blog.  I thought that having a blog that was STRICTLY fashion and outfits somehow meant that I was a serious fashion blogger, but recently I have learned to appreciate the freedom that comes with a fashion and lifestyle blog.  I’ve been inspired by many of the blogs I read daily to expand my horizons (but trust me, there will still be PLENTY of outfit posts and fashion bits!).  I’m excited to mix in some non-fashion tidbits every now then, starting with some of the most reposted images from my other blog, The Chill Life.  I absolutely love the ocean, surfing, skating, and the lifestyle that is formed around those things and I’m excited to break free a little bit more with you, my readers.  I hope you enjoy these pictures and I hope they inspire you to really live up this summer while it’s still hot out!




*Images were taken from The Chill Life where image sources are preserved via link on The Chill Life


Go Coco-NUTS!

photo (1)

With the beautiful rays of summer comes something not so awesome, but inevitable : frizzy, parched hair.  One of the best and gentlest (and supremely summery) remedies is a DIY coconut oil hair mask.  It’s super simple and inexpensive, especially if you already have some coconut oil in your home.  Coconut oil is absolutely wonderful for your hair and skin and it can help you battle frizz all summer long.  I recommend using this hair mask overnight instead of keeping it in all day because it can make your hair look super greasy.  If you decide to do it overnight, make sure to cover your pillow with a towel or wrap your hair in a towel while sleeping so you don’t get oil all over your bed.

DIY Coconut Oil Hair Mask:

  1. Take 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil and warm it up in your hands.  It usually comes in a solid, but quickly turns into a liquid when introduced to even the slightest heat.
  2. Distribute the oil throughout your hair, starting at the ends of your hair and working your way up toward your scalp. I would recommend doing this either over a sink or over your tub in case some drips while you apply it.
  3. Wrap your hair up in either a towel or a top knot and leave the coconut oil in for at least 30 minutes.  Ultimately, the longer you leave it in, the better.  Personally, I like leaving the coconut oil in overnight and I wash it out in the morning.
  4. After you are done, wash your hair thoroughly with a natural shampoo making sure the shampoo reaches the middle portion of your hair at the nape of your neck (I learned this from experience- you don’t want greasy hair because you missed a spot).   You don’t have to condition afterward, just dry and enjoy!

And in honor of this coconut oil post I just have to include this video:

What do you think about using coconut oil for beauty purposes?  What are some of your favorite ways to use coconut oil?


Adventure Time




>< Clothe Your Neighbor As Yourself Tank >< J Crew DIY Cuttoff Shorts (Goldfish Kiss has a great DIY!) >< Loeffler Randall Handbag >< Isabel Marant pour H&M Necklace >< Nixon Watch ><

With our recent move, Travis and I are a lot closer to the downtown scene and we have finally taken a day to go full on adventurous and explore downtown Raleigh.  We’ve been DYING to go to Joule Coffee, so we decided to start our little adventure there.  Let me just say, it was completely worth it and I think I’m in love with a coffee shop.  The coffee and food was simply stellar! There was no need to add sugar to my cortado; it was so beautifully balanced and delectable.  Our lunch was such a pleasant surprise- both of our sandwiches were fresh new takes on seemingly rustic ingredients.  You have to love that.



Before we left downtown, I had to check out Moon & Lola (which is right across the street from Joule).  I’ve heard so much about this cute little store after a SBS event was held there, and I know they’re doing a trunk show or two at North Hills over the summer.


After our little downtown romp, we headed to Cameron Village and I promptly fell in love with some of the cute boutiques there.  After hearing so much about The Impeccable Pig from Nikki on Bedazzles After Dark, I had to stop in (and make a purchase, of course!).  You’ll see those new threads soon enough ;)


Au Naturel






>< H&M Top >< Ralph Lauren Shorts >< Unisa Espadrilles via consignment >< Cynthia Rowley x Roxy Necklace >< Thrifted Clutch ><

Summertime is officially here and it’s absolutely glorious!!! I love mixing light fabrics and exotic accessories to celebrate the gorgeous summer weather.  Being from Miami, summer is my favorite season, and the outfit possibilities are endless!  Here, I mixed my favorite faux cargo shorts with a high-low chiffon top and striped jute espadrilles while romping around Raleigh this Father’s Day with Travis.  Now that we’re settling down into our new Raleigh home, I’ll be able to post our adventures in the Triangle!  I can’t wait!


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